Bed Linen

I have designed two types of bed linen: one embroidered range and the other block printed.

The embroidered duvet cover  is more elaborate in its design,  each piece is individually handmade (taking hours to make each piece). The block printed duvets covers are again hand block printed but are made in small runs. Both ranges are made using the same high quality cotton. Colours dimensions and price

Available Colours


French Grey

A muted grey which includes an almost imperceptible hint of red for warmth and depth. This colour works particularly well with wooden floors and light tones but is very versatile.


Indian Pink

A self confessed pinkaholic, this is my personal favourite. Cheerful and bright but entirely natural it will liven up any room. I think it works especially well with darker tones and can make a lovely winter duvet cover, to brighten up those dull days.


Duck Egg Green

A beautiful soft green that imbues any room with an air of calm. The colour works well in both modern and more traditional bedrooms.



The classic dark blue combines with the white background of the cotton to give a traditional feel. The clean lines of the design means it also looks fantastic in a modern house.


Madder Red

This beautiful deep red so prevalent in India looks fantastic against the crisp white cotton and will make this duvet cover the focus of any bedroom.


These are:

King size: 200cm x 225cm

Single: 135cm x 220cm

Pillowcases: 75cm x 50cm


King size: £185.00/each

Single: £115.00/each

Pillowcases: £30.00/each

Washing instructions.

As with all hand made items please wash in a cool wash. 40 °C max and I follow the old adage. Not too dirty wash at thirty!