All my bed linen is made using the finest quality Indian cotton. The cotton is grown in India and the mills I use only select the pick of the cotton crop to make their fabric. In selecting my cotton I have been guided by comfort and durability.

I  am often asked by people what the thread count is, as this is now seen by many as the definitive guide to cotton quality. The cotton I use has a thread-count of around 300. To look at thread-count as the sole guide to cotton quality would be simplistic.

The reality is that high thread counts might sound good on paper but in reality they often do not work very well in practice.

I have looked at a number of 600 (and even 1000) thread count samples and to my mind they aren't the most suitable quality for bedlinen – a denser weave creates a heavier finish, more like a tablecloth, as well as resulting in a slight visual sheen (and the material does not lend itself to block-printing). One other word of warning on thread count: some people artificially manipulate the thread-count to give a false result – it’s all a bit technical but basically you can use a lower grade cotton to start with and then weave it in two directions rather than one to deliver a high number (but not a good result!).