About Claire Worthington

I have always loved textiles and the stories that go with them and seek them out wherever I go whether that is in an Indian market or from dealers all over the U.K. When it came to decorating my own home, having done a degree in textile design (albeit a long time ago) I decided to have a go at designing my own papers. These are the first results, I hope you like them and that they are the first of many. 

My inspiration for designs comes from many places:- Parakeets in the oak was a chance sighting of thousands of parakeets coming in to roost in the oak trees on Wormwood Scrubs in West London while I was walking my dogs, where as Temple Cranes was inspired by an amazing trip in the Himalayas, we were visiting a remote Buddhist temple and the valley below was a migratory home to the black necked cranes. The myth goes that every year when they arrive they circle the temple on the hill three times before they land.